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Gooseneck Desktop Clamp Mount for 7-10 inch Tablets

Gooseneck Desktop Clamp Mount for 7-10 inch Tablets

Price: $15.99

Gooseneck Desktop Clamp Mount for 7-10 inch Tablets

Mount your tablet on your desk at home, work, or even a night stand with the flexible gooseneck desktop clamp mount holder stand. The stand features a heavy duty adjustable gooseneck metal stand that can adjust to your specific viewing angle. The bracket to hold your tablet adjusts to support all 7-10 inch tablets, including all 9.7 inch iPads, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab and more. The bracket is lined with a soft foam pad on all sides to prevent damage to your tablets. The provided clamp is secure and can adjust to different ranges with a maximum thickness support up to 2 inches to fit various flat-edged surfaces. Unlike other clamps in the market, the clamp also features soft foam pads to prevent damage to the surfaces being mounted onto. The stand supports a maximum weight capacity of 2 pounds and is easy to install, with no drilling required. Start viewing your tablet with more flexibility with the gooseneck desktop clamp mount holder stand.


One Mount for All



Doesn't it frustrate you when you find the perfect mount, but need to replace it 6 months down the line because Apple, Samsung, or Google decide to change their size? The desktop mount is designed around being universal. It fits most 7-10 inch tablets so whenever there is an upgrade, you can be sure it'll fit your tablet easily and effortlessly.


Protect your Devices



Unlike other mounts, soft foam pads surround each edge of the mount, protecting your tablets from being damaged.


Heavy Duty Adjustable Clamp



A heavy duty metal clamp ensures your tablets are sturdy and can adjust to fit most flat edged surfaces up to 2 inches in thickness.


  • Mount and position your tablet on any flat-edged surface, such as an office desk or even a night stand
  • Clamp can adjust to fit various flat-edged surfaces up to 2 inches in thickness
  • Soft foam pads on the mount and clamp prevent tablets and flat-edged surfaces from becoming damaged
  • Gooseneck can adjust to various viewing angles
  • Heavy duty metal gooseneck and clamp provide a secure base for your tablets
  • Compatible with most 7-10 inch tablets
  • Easy installation with no drilling required
  • Black color
  • Length of gooseneck is approximately 29 inches
  • Supports a maximum weight capacity up to 2lbs
  • Supports tablet sizes from 4.70 - 9.5 inches